Posted by: Momma Sun | February 16, 2010

Just another pretty face….

I never understand why people think that it makes people feel good to hear”You have a beautiful face”. I have had a couple people tell me, just wait till you lose your weight, I mean you have a pretty face. I always think though, what happens if I lose weight and my face isn’t pretty anymore, what if it looks like the next. My friend told me the secret to no winkles if her fluffiness of her face….so THEN WHAT?

Why am I talking about my face, well, I decided that I have taken about 15 to 20 full body shots and I look at it and I HATE the idea of actually posting it on the sight…so here is my face, you can see weight loss there too — so here is starting out a picture of me maybe in a little while I can put a full body pictures….

Here I am in my glory no make or nothing – right from the gym, UGH, WHAT AM I THINKING….(JUST NEED TO PUSH PUBLISH)



  1. The true source of beauty emanates from within, if you are beautiful inside, it will influence the perception of the people around you. Remember, physical beauty will always be fleeting. 🙂

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