Posted by: Momma Sun | February 17, 2010

My yesterday….

I went to the Y and worked out. Elipical for 27 minutes equals 2900 steps and then lifted 6,735 lbs. It was a great workout and I did the one thing I don’t like to do – SWEAT! Yhea, I am not a big fan of that, that’s probably one reason I am where I am. I am not a natural sweater (is that what you would call someone who sweats normal or over normal)…like my husband who sweats just sitting on the couch. It take a bit to get me to sweat – but it is a good sign and I will take it.

I did drink my water… is a picture of my new water bottles – I heart them….

I drank both of those – I am hoping to get to drinking at least three of them today. they are 27 oz…so I got 54oz of water…I heard that you should drink have your weight in oz of water…so I got a bit to go…but I am going to get there.

We walked to get my son from school. Which is what we just started doing since the weather isn’t that bad, but yesterday I started jogging with my younger son, it was hard..but I am thinking a little each time would work me up to jogging the whole way. I would like to maybe (yes, maybe, cause the idea of running doesn’t excite me…lol) run a 5k, I have a few friends who do it and I think it would be fun to do one together….it is a goal. Something I could say I did in my life…..

Goal for today – food journal…I am going to take pictures of what I eat and post it here!

My body woke up to the idea of working out again, so I can’t wait to get to the gym today.



  1. Fun water bottles make all the difference, don’t they! If it’s fun and convenient, it’s so much easier to get that water in!

    • I sure think the bottle makes a difference

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