Posted by: Momma Sun | April 27, 2010

The HOLY CRAP moment…

I totally abandon my weightloss agenda and this blog, why, to take care of everyone else, of course. I don’t know how not too, let me take that back, I do not want to not – ha, does that make sense. I have always taken care of others before myself, this is how I am programed. I started this blog to remind myself that to take care of other I need to take care of myself. See how far I got! I thought all weekend what I was going to post this Monday.
What was my ah-ha moment that reminded me that I need to get back into (at least) weekly blogs. My mom was in the hospital all last week. And all week I headed to the hospital to make sure she was ok. The emotional rollarcoaster that we were sent on this past week – did not help my eatting habits. I found myself at the end of the day knowing I hadn’t ate a thing. That isn’t healthy. I also had to miss a day of visiting with my mom cause I was sick in bed with a stomach virus. I was stressed and I didn’t exercise. I know that if I would of gone to the gym I would of been able to handle it better, but instead my body hurt and muscles ached.
So my HOLY CRAP moment, I was look through a friend photo album online and I came across a picture – I thought I had seen pictures that made me think, “geez, what the heck happen” but none made me think “HOLY CRAP!” and this one did. So since I didn’t take it and I don’t have to delete it off my camera – I am going to post it. I might stop breathing, but this is going to be my reminder that I NEVER want to take a picture and look like THIS again. It was almost two year ago and I haven’t gained much since then, THANK YOU LORD!



Of course, I could blame it on angle and this and that…but I see this picture and think HOLY CRAP, I look like a ogre next to my husband!

I need to find inspiration and not the negative thoughts that came to my mind when I saw this.

Here is to a new week and not taking pictures like tha anymore!

Hoping to keep Losing it…..

Posted by: Momma Sun | April 7, 2010

They’re here…..

my migraines are back….sigh. A year ago I sat in my doctor’s office telling him that all my life I have suffered from this horrible head aches and how nothing seems to help.

A little about myself, even though I am over weight – by A LOT! I am in good condition. That’s why it is important to me to regain control and keep it so nothing catches up on me.

So the doctor put me on antidepressiants to help with my migraines…he would of done blood pressure medicine but since my blood pressure is so low he is afraid that I would completely bottom out. Yes, I think it is a blessing that I have a low bp. Both my parents suffer from high blood pressure (however, my mother has stopped smoking and one day might not need bp medicine, it is amazing the things smoking does to your body – the amazing things aren’t good) and my grandfather on my dad’s side died early of heart attack. So I thank my GREAT genes of my grandmother who also had low bp. I don’t take them anymore cause the migraines went completely away, I went from having them 3-4 times a month sometimes more to have them 1 a month to none!

They are back and either I forgot in one year what they felt like or they are worst…time to go get them checked out.

Posted by: Momma Sun | March 29, 2010

Where, oh Where…..

So I have been MIA for the pass two weeks. I have no excuses for why I have been missing, no great stories or reason that I fell off the wagon. I just went MIA and you can come up with what you want…..

So I am back and I have promised myself to be better than ever! I am devoted to my mamavation girls and myself. I am going to do this….and so are all of you girls in the sistahood.

Goals for the week –

Get back into the habit of eatting breakfast

Drink Water – no more soda!

Start the Wii Active 30 day Challenge

Posted by: Momma Sun | March 8, 2010

Hot Mama?

I vow to take my mom time everyday so I can take care of myself and become a better me — for myself, and my love ones.

Along with weight loss, I just want to be better to myself I have joined the I AM A HOT MOM campaign.

This blog is all about me, sometimes, when I come to it. I can’t believe I am spending as much time on myself. But I need to. I need to be good to myself so I can continue to give healthy time to others.

This pass week:

I took a painting class (I will post pictures later)

I took a nap.

I started reading Have A Little Faith.

Tiny steps but I am getting there…

Posted by: Momma Sun | March 8, 2010

No weight loss for the weary….

I didn’t have a weight loss….I can handle that. As I was going to bed last night I looked at my husband and asked, “can’t we take tomorrow off and just sleep all day?” He said, “sure, but I am most certain this terrible thing called the alarm will come in and wake us up”. And you know what – he was right.

Anyways, as I was falling asleep, I thought about how I have been tired this week. Not sleeping very well at night and wanting to take a nap more than norma through out the day.

So I figured I would look into a few things about weight and sleep and this is what I found…

Lack of sleep increases over eatting. The hormone that tells us that we are hunger increases and the hormone that tells us that we are full and to stop eatting decreases. Take a sleep vacation, if you don’t know how much sleep your body requires, sleep as much as you want for several days and your body will stablize it’s self, you will start to notice you are waking up at the same time in the morning. Studies show that obese people don’t get enough sleep. (I think that is so funny, because talking to my doctor most obese people don’t eat enough either, could gaining weight be our bodies way of getting back at us for not taking the best care of it.) I found this information at Sleep and Weight Loss.

This link talks about the same stuff as above but also connects weight and sleep apnea: The Dream Diet.

Here are some “sleep hygiene” rules that may help you get adequate sleep:

  • Get up at the same time every day (including weekends).
  • Get as much light as you can during your desired waking hours.
  • Go to bed at night only when you think you can fall asleep.
  • If you’re having trouble sleeping, minimize daytime naps.
  • Make the bedroom dark. Get heavy drapes, if necessary.
  • Minimize caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, especially before bedtime.
  • Exercise regularly, but not too close to bedtime.
  • Unwind for an hour first. Try taking a warm bath, journaling, switching off the news, or drinking some warm milk.
  • Make your bedroom a sanctuary. Keep the bills, work, etc., out.

Taken from Sleeping Your Way to Weight Loss.

It amazes me how much sleep affects our lives…not just weight loss either.

My goal for the week…

Water (100 oz)

SLEEP (good sleep)

Exercise (6 days)

Posted by: Momma Sun | March 2, 2010

Aquaphobia, maybe?

This is my Mamavation monday post, on Tuesday. Yesterday, we went to a Youth Pastor Summit and I didn’t have time to do my post. I also forgot to weigh-in. Yes, I know I am on a role.

My week has been a little stressing. I have one class end, so I needed to do my final and prepare for that. I forgot totally about another class and was trying to cram in as much homework in as much work as possible in a short amount of time. Yeah, remind me to NEVER do that again. We have a couple of friends going through different things and I am trying to be there for them, my seven-year old had a complete melt down that made me second guess anything I had ever done in his life. I could go on, but I will stay with that for now….

I didn’t make it to the gym as much, I got there twice. We have just had a crazy week. I think the full moon played with minds with most around us.

For being an aquaphobia, I do good drinking my water for like two hours or three and then totally far off track. I know I need water to get this weight off. Why can’t I just drink it! Fear, I am assuming.

Goals –

Gym – 4 days

Water – 150 oz

Get a Wii active, I have been waiting to get that until the I got a balance board, But I have been assured that I can use it without it.

This week has been a big failure. But it is just one week, just like each day last week I took it as it was just one week. If I am consumed by the failure I will never succeed. Here is to a better day, week, month and so on!!

Posted by: Momma Sun | February 25, 2010

Walking towards A new direction!

So, I decided to join the world of counting steps. I see lots of people keeping track so I figured, I should try this. Biggest problem I know I am going to have is remembering to put it on.

Setting Goals:

When I decided I would jump on the band wagon, I wonder what I should set my goal too. I see that a good goal is to have 10000 steps a day. Sounds like a good number. I thought about my day to day activities, I am pretty sure that I don’t get that many steps in so it is a goal to work up too. I though something to stride (no pun intended) too. So I am going to set small goal of 8,000 steps a day.

Now what is my goal…to walk to Daytona Beach I live around Orlando, I like to go to the beach, I might as well see how long it will take me to get there walking. Now using Mapquest the center point of Daytona Beach is 48 miles from my house…using a calculator I found at WALK4LIFE , it will take me about 105,000 steps to get there.

Taking my goal of 8,000 steps a day using the calculator at WALK4LIFE, it should take me a little over 13 days to get there. Well, I need a little challenge so my goal is in 12 days I can walk to Daytona Beach.

Small Goal: 8,000 steps a day

Long Goal: 105,000 steps to Daytona Beach

TOTAL Goal: Walk around the complete United States

Want to join my journey? Oh where should my next goal be? Let me know!!

Posted by: Momma Sun | February 24, 2010

Living what dream?

Tonight watching tv and Quick Trim commercial, usually I just change the channel and go about my business. But becoming healthy and learning the right things, I have been thinking I should listen to these and point out the lies that they tell us.

First of all, I realized why I always changed the channel, listening to it – I think I thought that a 900 number would pop up. (do they still those numbers?) So, of course, we get to see Kim and Kloe Kardashian rub their hands down their body or in a bathing suits. These women are beautiful – at least the outside shell, I don’t know them and this is nothing against them. Well, I would like to know if Kloe did lose her weight on this pill, something tells me she worked her butt off and isn’t getting credit where credit is due.

Anyways, the last line of the commercial, “are you living the dream?” Maybe I am missing something, but my dreams never concerned my weight. My weight isn’t stopping me from living my dream – my dream; be married to a wonderful man (check), have some kids (check, check…), finish school (almost check), Enjoy life (plan to check that at the end of my life) and I could go on. But taking a pill, that promises to help lose weight, wasn’t apart of my dream. Does this pill help satisfy dreams? I dream to own my own home, will it do that? I dream to go to Paris? Will it accomplish that? Like before I could go on.

I understand companies needing to sell their products but I hope people are opening their eyes and seeing the lies that we are told by companies. There are more out there and I will continue to share my opinion on them as I become aware of them.

Posted by: Momma Sun | February 22, 2010

Love letter to thyself….

I am following in Jules steps @ Big Girl Bombshell – she suggested that we write a love letter to ourselves. I am stepping up to the challenge since my biggest problem is not loving myself. Here is my attempt. I hope I could come back to it weekly and just be encouraged….I plan on doing other things that keep my spirits up but I will post that later.

Dear Dana,

Secretly, I want to tell you that I have always loved you. I just haven’t yelled it loud enough for you to hear. But I LOVE YOU! I think one reason why you couldn’t hear me is because you were so busy loving everyone else. Even with cracks and bruises, your heart is big and loves deeply. I don’t think there has ever been a time that I have know you in the past 29 years and 11 months that you haven’t loved and loved hard. 

Like a child, you dream of your own fairy tale and a happy ending. I don’t know how the ending is but I know you are living what you thought would be a fairytale, you are a devoted wife and mother and you couldn’t have ask for more. You protect your love but have no problem letting the world know how much you love your world. I love that you have devoted your life to your family. It is like that saying, “to the world you are just one person, but to this one person you are the world” – that’s how you see your family and truthfully your family looks back at you like that. Oh to be so lucky!

You call yourself a perfectionist, but you are so imperfect, as most of us are. You are perfectly imperfect and that’s WONDERFUL because who really wants to be perfect, how boring would life be being perfect.

 I love how funny you are even though you don’t think you are. People tend to always smile or laugh at things you say and I know for sure they aren’t laughing at you. I look at you and see eyes full of dreams and a welcoming beautiful smile. You are so creative, a gift from God you know, but I know that you have the ability to express anything you want through any creative form you pick up. I am usually always surprise by how things turn out so beautiful and good, but when asked how you always reply it was made with LOVE. You are amazing!

As we continue our journey towards God and learning about Him. As your love grows for Him, my love grows for you. I know that it was in God’s plan that would love you. He wouldn’t want it any other way. Because to not love you is a lie. God strengthens us and makes my voice loud enough for you to hear.

I hope our love continues to grow. I know each day I am learning about you and learning that my love grows and grows.

Until my words meet your ears again,


This is my MAMAVATION post for 2/22/10!

So how did this week go…..

I did make it to the gym this week….

in gym doing:  9150 strides on the elipical and lifting 16,870 lbs.

I started jogging after Evan as he rode his bike. I learned I can jog and not feel like dying if I have something like Evan to run behind..I hate jogging and running and never did it on a treadmill, but I plan to do it more often with Evan on his bike. I also learned that I am going to stay off the treadmill – I can’t walk a straight line and it discourages me when I trip up or step off the belt.

I need to get my water in!

I need to focus on my eating schedule for the Lord’s Table (I will post about that later)

weight loss – 2lbs (I was hoping for more, but I will take it, I know what I need to fix)

Posted by: Momma Sun | February 22, 2010

Food Journal….today!

I didn’t  do well with my H2O as I have been doing, but I have eatten more than normal. It is funny to see the pictures and think, I AM A BREAD ADDICT! Seriously I love bread…..

If you can’t tell here was my day in a nut shell – or a bread bag


Bagel w. Cream Cheese


Glass of Milk


Girl Scout Cookies


Ham Sandwich – on wheat no cheese

Potato Salad (half cup)




Grapefruit cup


Chicken Sandwich

Salsa and Chips


Diet Pepsi

My H2O was 40oz, not nearly enough. I just didn’t think about drinking.

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