Posted by: Momma Sun | September 6, 2011


So I didn’t realize I forgot about last week. I was busy being mommy. My eight year old’s mouse died and both boys got sick – so I was busy!…I can say that my drive thud has taken a decline….in the past two weeks,  I walked 28 miles….woot woot.
I am restarting the C25K – with Irene in the ocean, us with allergies still felt her here in FL. Seeing I still don’t know how to run ans breathe normally yet, I was going to try and run without being able to breathe. With all the extra walking and soon adding extra I need to remember that I need more than normal amount of water.
I need to buy a new scale, like I said before I threw mine out because of being obsessed with the number and destroyed myself with each step up. However,  I have been exercising more now and it seems my clothes are getting tight on me. My thought was instead if buying a scale I would take a smaller size jean and try them on every month until they fit but what is the point my normal clothes aren’t fitting…and really I don’t know why. It was suggested to me I am not getting enough calories in and that could be the problem. So I guess I am going to try to keep not of how many I have…..tomorrow I am going to take measurements because I have been told that maybe I am not losing in my belly but elsewhere…..who know.

And that is how the words fall….



  1. I was going to suggest a tape measure, but I like the jeans much better. Sorry you’ve had family issues. Congrats on 28 miles!

  2. I have a really hard time breathing properly while running, too – it’s my biggest weakness and hurdle, but the C25K program really helps get those things into gear little by little. Good luck – I hope this week is better for you, but congratulations on 28 miles!

  3. Blech w/ Florida during the height of hurricane season. Glad the storms are passing and you are cooling off. Have fun as you get into the running. I hope this week is easier.

  4. Definitely take measurements. Tracking your food in a journal is a great way to gain insight to what’s going on. Too many OR too FEW calories and you could be gaining… I know when I first started journaling, I discovered 100s of “hidden calories” in my “normal” routine. Good luck to you this week!

  5. Hi Dana! Just coming to check on you. We’ve missed seeing your Mamavation Monday posts! I hope all is well with you.

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