Posted by: Momma Sun | August 22, 2011

Back on the wagon and not bad…

So here’s the week 2….I walked over 7.4 miles this week. I’m very excited about that! I did jump on the scale since having the baby and I am a few pounds more than what I was at my 6 week checkup but I’m still below my highest point so I am happy and encouraged by that. I’ve been doing really good at drinking my water and also I’m eating breakfast – which this is the hardest thing for me.
A downer was I did find myself still going through drive thru more than I wanted to it was just a busy week…. but I know it’s all about planning and planning ahead and that’s really what I need to focus on I started 2 months ago doing the once a month cooking… now it’s just following through and planning exactly.
This morning I did start the couch to 5 k – it was hard, like I did horrible but I am proud of myself that I actually ran – I am not a runner and never did I ever want to be but I want to lose this weight and a lot of people I know who lost a lot of weight are runners now so I’m guessing running is really the only way to go…. and I’m excited I am going back to Zumba, I will be doing that 2 nights a week.

And that is how the words fall….



  1. Girl, you got up and you did it! That’s cause for woohoo right there! I’m proud of you. Keep it up. Remember, babysteps. Don’t add in too much too fast and overwhelm yourself.

  2. You got up! You’re moving! You’re DOING IT! Congratulations, you’re officially on your way, Dana! 🙂

  3. I am proud of you! You’re up you’re moving and that’s awesome. I’m trying to drop the weight myself post baby & my back surgery, but having other people take care of me puts me in the drive thru category myself. It can be difficult during the first but with feedings, lack of sleep and all the other fun stuff moms deal with.

    You can do it. We are right there with you 🙂

  4. YAY for the 7.4 miles! That’s AWESOME! I love Zumba but the class schedules don’t jive with mine. HAve fun!

  5. So proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That couch to 5K program is a great one. You ran. You finished. You are a runner! Keep it up Sista.

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