Posted by: Momma Sun | April 27, 2010

The HOLY CRAP moment…

I totally abandon my weightloss agenda and this blog, why, to take care of everyone else, of course. I don’t know how not too, let me take that back, I do not want to not – ha, does that make sense. I have always taken care of others before myself, this is how I am programed. I started this blog to remind myself that to take care of other I need to take care of myself. See how far I got! I thought all weekend what I was going to post this Monday.
What was my ah-ha moment that reminded me that I need to get back into (at least) weekly blogs. My mom was in the hospital all last week. And all week I headed to the hospital to make sure she was ok. The emotional rollarcoaster that we were sent on this past week – did not help my eatting habits. I found myself at the end of the day knowing I hadn’t ate a thing. That isn’t healthy. I also had to miss a day of visiting with my mom cause I was sick in bed with a stomach virus. I was stressed and I didn’t exercise. I know that if I would of gone to the gym I would of been able to handle it better, but instead my body hurt and muscles ached.
So my HOLY CRAP moment, I was look through a friend photo album online and I came across a picture – I thought I had seen pictures that made me think, “geez, what the heck happen” but none made me think “HOLY CRAP!” and this one did. So since I didn’t take it and I don’t have to delete it off my camera – I am going to post it. I might stop breathing, but this is going to be my reminder that I NEVER want to take a picture and look like THIS again. It was almost two year ago and I haven’t gained much since then, THANK YOU LORD!



Of course, I could blame it on angle and this and that…but I see this picture and think HOLY CRAP, I look like a ogre next to my husband!

I need to find inspiration and not the negative thoughts that came to my mind when I saw this.

Here is to a new week and not taking pictures like tha anymore!

Hoping to keep Losing it…..



  1. Aww, I hate to hear you calling yourself an ogre, but I can relate.

    I like your attitude though that you’re not going to take pictures like that any more. (And really, you look cute in it. Maybe just not how you’d like to see yourself. But cute with a wonderful smile. You can tell that you were having fun in this photo, and I’d say your hubby looks happy to be sitting there next to you.)

    Use this photo as inspiration, but don’t beat yourself up.

  2. yes definitely think positive and keep moving….You can do it!!!

  3. I’m also taking and posting pictures too. It is a strong motivator. I know you are going to do great this week!

  4. Oh Dana… you are beautiful no matter what. I have pictures of myself and I have said the same thing. Good for you for posting it as motivation.You are braver than I am. Rachel was talking about the same thing (needing to put herself first) in video. I hope you guys are able to find time for yourselves this week.

    • Thanks, for your kind words!

  5. Find that positivity and make it work for you. I have a silly question… do you know you are worthy of the attention and self-care you deserve? I am serious. This question can be hard for many who put others ahead of themselves all the time. Write out a laundry list of why you are worthy one day… because I bet when you really get down to it the list will be long.

    • Kia, I have to tell you I thought about your respond all day. I don’t think I do know that. Everything I have come up with of why I should take care of myself or get the attention I need I wrap up in with someone else being taken care of or their happiness. I am going to be praying that my eyes are open to my “laundry list” – thanks for asking the hard question. I will post when I get an answer!

  6. It’s funny how when we become mothers, we are automatically programmed to take care of others before ourselves. That’s exactly how it happened for me too! Reality is that we need to take care of ourselves better so we can take care of the others.

    • I wish it started when I became a mother, then I would have no excuse of why I am still like this….

  7. You don’t have to change your thinking of taking care of other people first. That is an instinctual attitude that all mothers have. You can’t fight mother nature.

    When I started my 170 lbs. weight loss journey, my thoughts were on my family. Not on myself cause I spend about 5 minutes thinking about me and the rest of the time thinking about everyone else. So why not combine that and do it FOR them. Here’s what I mean. You are exercising and eating good foods to be a good rolemodel for your children. If you are obese, your children will be obese cause of the behavior you are modeling for them. It’s all environment, not heredity like people used to think. If you want to change the future of your children, you have to change yourself. That is the only way to do it. Otherwise, they will be obese, less likely to graduate school, make less money than their peers, less likely to have children, live a shorter lifespan than you, more likely to have diabetes, heart disease, etc. I know you don’t want that for them. So do it FOR them. Using that mother lion instinct is VERY powerful. Trust me. XXOO

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