Posted by: Momma Sun | April 7, 2010

They’re here…..

my migraines are back….sigh. A year ago I sat in my doctor’s office telling him that all my life I have suffered from this horrible head aches and how nothing seems to help.

A little about myself, even though I am over weight – by A LOT! I am in good condition. That’s why it is important to me to regain control and keep it so nothing catches up on me.

So the doctor put me on antidepressiants to help with my migraines…he would of done blood pressure medicine but since my blood pressure is so low he is afraid that I would completely bottom out. Yes, I think it is a blessing that I have a low bp. Both my parents suffer from high blood pressure (however, my mother has stopped smoking and one day might not need bp medicine, it is amazing the things smoking does to your body – the amazing things aren’t good) and my grandfather on my dad’s side died early of heart attack. So I thank my GREAT genes of my grandmother who also had low bp. I don’t take them anymore cause the migraines went completely away, I went from having them 3-4 times a month sometimes more to have them 1 a month to none!

They are back and either I forgot in one year what they felt like or they are worst…time to go get them checked out.


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