Posted by: Momma Sun | March 2, 2010

Aquaphobia, maybe?

This is my Mamavation monday post, on Tuesday. Yesterday, we went to a Youth Pastor Summit and I didn’t have time to do my post. I also forgot to weigh-in. Yes, I know I am on a role.

My week has been a little stressing. I have one class end, so I needed to do my final and prepare for that. I forgot totally about another class and was trying to cram in as much homework in as much work as possible in a short amount of time. Yeah, remind me to NEVER do that again. We have a couple of friends going through different things and I am trying to be there for them, my seven-year old had a complete melt down that made me second guess anything I had ever done in his life. I could go on, but I will stay with that for now….

I didn’t make it to the gym as much, I got there twice. We have just had a crazy week. I think the full moon played with minds with most around us.

For being an aquaphobia, I do good drinking my water for like two hours or three and then totally far off track. I know I need water to get this weight off. Why can’t I just drink it! Fear, I am assuming.

Goals –

Gym – 4 days

Water – 150 oz

Get a Wii active, I have been waiting to get that until the I got a balance board, But I have been assured that I can use it without it.

This week has been a big failure. But it is just one week, just like each day last week I took it as it was just one week. If I am consumed by the failure I will never succeed. Here is to a better day, week, month and so on!!



  1. I’m like you. I can really only drink water when I work out and work up a sweat. I don’t drink it at home only the gym. lol – Good luck for next week.

  2. Don’t let the fear consume you! You CAN do this. I know Leah would tell you to take baby steps – and I completely agree.

    Sometimes I get so overwhelmed or scared about things, that I don’t even try to do them. I give up before I start. Are you like that? If so, just concentrate on doing a little more this week than you did last week, and so on and so on. Master each step, and keep taking baby steps forward.

    I saw on twitter that you got the Wii – that’s great! Work it out!

  3. yes you can definitely use the Active without the balance board. There are many many exercises without it. It will just change some of those a bit if you choose to use the board.

    also just giving my opinion but I think the ACtive more workouts is better than the original. You would have to buy the leg strap and band separately but I think they end up being approximately the same price.

  4. That’s not how I would have spinned it. Read closely to how my mind works. Trying to mirror this will help you succeed.

    I had an awful week with deaths, grief, comfort food, etc. And even although all that happened, I still managed to get to the gym twice this week. The workouts were great and they kept me going. Next week, I’m hoping for more balance.

    The only difference was more realistic expectations and getting in the habit of patting yourself on the back. (Who cares you aren’t perfect.) XXOO

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