Posted by: Momma Sun | February 25, 2010

Walking towards A new direction!

So, I decided to join the world of counting steps. I see lots of people keeping track so I figured, I should try this. Biggest problem I know I am going to have is remembering to put it on.

Setting Goals:

When I decided I would jump on the band wagon, I wonder what I should set my goal too. I see that a good goal is to have 10000 steps a day. Sounds like a good number. I thought about my day to day activities, I am pretty sure that I don’t get that many steps in so it is a goal to work up too. I though something to stride (no pun intended) too. So I am going to set small goal of 8,000 steps a day.

Now what is my goal…to walk to Daytona Beach I live around Orlando, I like to go to the beach, I might as well see how long it will take me to get there walking. Now using Mapquest the center point of Daytona Beach is 48 miles from my house…using a calculator I found at WALK4LIFE , it will take me about 105,000 steps to get there.

Taking my goal of 8,000 steps a day using the calculator at WALK4LIFE, it should take me a little over 13 days to get there. Well, I need a little challenge so my goal is in 12 days I can walk to Daytona Beach.

Small Goal: 8,000 steps a day

Long Goal: 105,000 steps to Daytona Beach

TOTAL Goal: Walk around the complete United States

Want to join my journey? Oh where should my next goal be? Let me know!!


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