Posted by: Momma Sun | February 24, 2010

Living what dream?

Tonight watching tv and Quick Trim commercial, usually I just change the channel and go about my business. But becoming healthy and learning the right things, I have been thinking I should listen to these and point out the lies that they tell us.

First of all, I realized why I always changed the channel, listening to it – I think I thought that a 900 number would pop up. (do they still those numbers?) So, of course, we get to see Kim and Kloe Kardashian rub their hands down their body or in a bathing suits. These women are beautiful – at least the outside shell, I don’t know them and this is nothing against them. Well, I would like to know if Kloe did lose her weight on this pill, something tells me she worked her butt off and isn’t getting credit where credit is due.

Anyways, the last line of the commercial, “are you living the dream?” Maybe I am missing something, but my dreams never concerned my weight. My weight isn’t stopping me from living my dream – my dream; be married to a wonderful man (check), have some kids (check, check…), finish school (almost check), Enjoy life (plan to check that at the end of my life) and I could go on. But taking a pill, that promises to help lose weight, wasn’t apart of my dream. Does this pill help satisfy dreams? I dream to own my own home, will it do that? I dream to go to Paris? Will it accomplish that? Like before I could go on.

I understand companies needing to sell their products but I hope people are opening their eyes and seeing the lies that we are told by companies. There are more out there and I will continue to share my opinion on them as I become aware of them.


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