Posted by: Momma Sun | February 22, 2010

Love letter to thyself….

I am following in Jules steps @ Big Girl Bombshell – she suggested that we write a love letter to ourselves. I am stepping up to the challenge since my biggest problem is not loving myself. Here is my attempt. I hope I could come back to it weekly and just be encouraged….I plan on doing other things that keep my spirits up but I will post that later.

Dear Dana,

Secretly, I want to tell you that I have always loved you. I just haven’t yelled it loud enough for you to hear. But I LOVE YOU! I think one reason why you couldn’t hear me is because you were so busy loving everyone else. Even with cracks and bruises, your heart is big and loves deeply. I don’t think there has ever been a time that I have know you in the past 29 years and 11 months that you haven’t loved and loved hard. 

Like a child, you dream of your own fairy tale and a happy ending. I don’t know how the ending is but I know you are living what you thought would be a fairytale, you are a devoted wife and mother and you couldn’t have ask for more. You protect your love but have no problem letting the world know how much you love your world. I love that you have devoted your life to your family. It is like that saying, “to the world you are just one person, but to this one person you are the world” – that’s how you see your family and truthfully your family looks back at you like that. Oh to be so lucky!

You call yourself a perfectionist, but you are so imperfect, as most of us are. You are perfectly imperfect and that’s WONDERFUL because who really wants to be perfect, how boring would life be being perfect.

 I love how funny you are even though you don’t think you are. People tend to always smile or laugh at things you say and I know for sure they aren’t laughing at you. I look at you and see eyes full of dreams and a welcoming beautiful smile. You are so creative, a gift from God you know, but I know that you have the ability to express anything you want through any creative form you pick up. I am usually always surprise by how things turn out so beautiful and good, but when asked how you always reply it was made with LOVE. You are amazing!

As we continue our journey towards God and learning about Him. As your love grows for Him, my love grows for you. I know that it was in God’s plan that would love you. He wouldn’t want it any other way. Because to not love you is a lie. God strengthens us and makes my voice loud enough for you to hear.

I hope our love continues to grow. I know each day I am learning about you and learning that my love grows and grows.

Until my words meet your ears again,


This is my MAMAVATION post for 2/22/10!

So how did this week go…..

I did make it to the gym this week….

in gym doing:  9150 strides on the elipical and lifting 16,870 lbs.

I started jogging after Evan as he rode his bike. I learned I can jog and not feel like dying if I have something like Evan to run behind..I hate jogging and running and never did it on a treadmill, but I plan to do it more often with Evan on his bike. I also learned that I am going to stay off the treadmill – I can’t walk a straight line and it discourages me when I trip up or step off the belt.

I need to get my water in!

I need to focus on my eating schedule for the Lord’s Table (I will post about that later)

weight loss – 2lbs (I was hoping for more, but I will take it, I know what I need to fix)



  1. This post it awesome! I ♥ the idea of a love letter to yourself! It can be so easy to love others but not always ourselves. This will be a great post to come back to when you are not feeling the love! Think this may be something I should try!

    GREAT job on the workout and the 2lbs loss!! May not be what you hope for, but hey 2lbs lighter and you did not gain! I think it’s AWESOME!! Keep Rockin it!

    • Thanks so much….do the letter, once I started I thought of all these other great things I could say – yes tooting my own horn, BUT we must do it once in awhile, right! I will look forward to reading your love letter!

  2. YEAH! Hip Hip Hooray! LOVE this LOVE Letter!

  3. Okay I might have to steal the idea of the Love Letter. That is such a brilliant idea. We have so much we need to tell ourselves and this is a great way to express it. Congrats on the 2lbs that is fantastic!

  4. TWO pounds are perfectly respectable. I love your letter to yourself. Keep up the honest dialogue with yourself.

  5. what a beautiful love letter…absolutely love it! Congrats on your loss!

  6. Congrats on the lbs lost, every bit helps! You’re doing good, keep it up!

  7. Girl two pounds is an EXCELLENT weight loss. Don’t sell yourself short. No one EVER does it perfectly. Even celebrities. I heart you. XXOO

  8. 2 pounds is perfect! Any more than that is #1 can be dangerous and #2 not likely to stick.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. that letter was beautiful and moving way to go

  10. Wow, you’re doing awesome! Good idea to write the love letter especially to look back on when things seem tough. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to drink, drink, drink your water… 🙂

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