Posted by: Momma Sun | February 19, 2010

Mama bites…

One of the problems I have it that I HAVE to eat off my children’s plate. I could of finished my own but when it is time to clean up I eat off there plate as I walk to the sink. I also usually take a bit when I am making their plate, I mean you have to know if it is to hot or not. I call this mama bites because well, let’s face it, I didn’t have this problem before kids. I know what you might think, it is one bite, but my oldest is 7 which means it would be at least if not more 6570 meals that I have prepared and taken a bite. I could only imagine how mant “extra” meals I was getting out of that.

Here is what I am going to try to break me from it…

  • Have my hubby clean up after dinner – This would just make me happy and know that he supports helping me stop this habit
  • Setting the table and preparing food at table (I usually just make their plates and set them at the table) – I probably wont take an extra bite if it is immediately set and hungry eyes are looking at me
  • Drink water as making dinner
  • Have someone buddy with me in the kitchen – someone to talk to will keep food out of my mouth…

If you have any suggestions I would LOVE to hear them!!



  1. I dont have any suggestions – as I tweeted – I’m a major germ freak and can’t eat or drink after anyone – especially my children. I feel your pain, but it sounds like you have a great system in place to stop yourself. Hope it goes well…

  2. Hi Dana…guilty of doing the same! I just hate to see food go to waste (which ultimately goes to our waist, right?). I think you’re right on, but sometimes, we don’t have those extra bodies around to help us ‘be good’.

    Here’s a thought that just popped in my head – make one of those circles with the line through it with a picture of your kids at the table. Label it “No Mama Bites”, then post it on the fridge. Maybe let your kids draw one.

    My son, who’s 4, shouts out whenever he sees a No Smoking/Parking/Anything sign…so maybe that’s what we need. A visible reminder that we simply can’t do it.

    Baby steps! Good luck – and keep up the good work,


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