Posted by: Momma Sun | January 28, 2010

No cord….

I took pictures yesterday and intended for them to be uploaded today, however I can’t find my cord to connect my computer to my camera. That just messes EVERYTHING this plan up…so my picture will be up soon!

I took pictures of what I ate, but I guess I will just fill it the blanks –

breakfast – yogurt

snack – apple

lunch – soup and salad

snack – granola bar/then chips and salsa (I wasn’t planning on having chips and salsa but I swear to you that it was calling, no yelling, how about screaming actually it didn’t do any of those but it would make me feel better if it did. I just wanted them)

Dinner – Taco Bell 1 soft taco supreme and 1 burrito

NO SODA for the day, I take that back I had 1 sip from my husband’s soda  but that was it!!

My goal is to give up soda and fast food – obviously this it a long road!!…LOL!


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