Posted by: Momma Sun | January 16, 2010

So I forgot about everything else

My momma was in the hospital and then came to stay with us. She is recovering and trying to stop smoking only…so she is eating none stops (she is on steroids, helping to fight her) so she is eating and eating. I am her eating partner, never have been before but apparently this is the road I took. I am not doing a fast left turn and not being that kind of partner EVER AGAIN.

So, before my mom was in the hospital, I started the study, The Lord’s Table. It is all about being held captive by food. Let’s face it, many of us are. We are thinking about what to buy at the grocery store or what our next meal will be, we can walk by chocolate and not want to bathe…, eat it! We aren’t suppose to be held captive by our sins. Yes, overeating and starving ourselves is a sin – we allow food to become almost like our God. It takes a while to get in the mind frame that eating habits could be a sin (really there are many sin connected with eating). This will be my third attempt, I dropped the first time to do it with a small group, that I would like to say was a success but turned more into a social time with talks of the group. This really is a study you have to do by yourself so THIRD time is the CHARM, correct?

So I bring this up because I will have a lot of crossovers, I will post things I wrote in my lesson that I think are important.

Here is one, it asks: Friend, please share with us any final thoughts you may have and tell us how we can pray for you. Your mentor will read everything you write, and is committed to praying for you.

This was my honest answer: I need prayer to do this. I started a blog to keep my journaling thoughts and for friends to check out. I am starting to feel that people shouldn’t go through things alone anymore. This came to me when last month I had a miscarriage. We had yet to tell our family we were even expecting yet. At first I felt alone, the same alone I felt when I had my first miscarriage 8 years ago when everyone knew. I relied on a couple of girlfriends and I got through it. If I kept it to myself and my husband, I might still be crying over it and beating myself over it. When you have others to stand beside you, you don’t beat on yourself to much. I need that. I need someone to tell me to be kind to their friend, wife, sister, daughter – because I am not kind to myself and I need to be. Please pray that I continue to work on me and work on forgiving myself for those things.

That’s all for now….

Losing it – Dana


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