Posted by: Momma Sun | January 6, 2010

Here we go….

So what do I plan to accomplish here, just being here. I want a place to write my journey down and I am hoping that I make it some place. I am not vowing never to touch chocolate or a french fry ever again.

I am planning on being better to me! By doing this, I plan on eating better, exercising more, learning to love myself (I mean I am almost 30, you would think I would know how to do that by now) and enjoying myself.

I think I had a disorder, I don’t know what happen but a couple of months ago I was healed from it. The disorder, I doubt has a name and if I said something to the doctor they would laugh. But just as an anorexic looks in a mirror and at 100 pounds see 200 pounds, well I would look at the mirror and being over 200 pounds would see a well not over 200 lb person. Honestly, I thought I don’t look too bad (well, on my good days) and I defiantly don’t look over 200 +  lbs. It was a good lie! I thought I was alone on this till I talked to my best friend (she is a beautiful big girl, too) and she felt the same way. Now unless, we both have cracked (which I am not doubting) or there really is a problem (ANY DOCTORS OUT THIS, research might be needed). So yes, what I am saying is I see the weight I am – or at least I think I see it. I see enough of it, let me put it that way!

Here is my ramblings for today….

Losing it….



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